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Fly fishing for tarpon at Rio Colorado Lodge has very little resemblance to the Florida Keys or Belize.

Tackle: Recommend 12/13 weight rods and reels that hold at least 300 yards of 30lb. test backing. Bring a number of lead core shooting heads ranging from 450 grain to a deep water express (700 grain). Suggest one piece fly line called deep sea density compensated. In the rivers and lagoons where you'll be fishing in 6-10 feet of water, the 450 grain lead core head should be adequate. However, in the ocean with tarpon running at depths of 20 feet or more, the 700-850 grain heads are essential. Also, pack 18 to 20 shock leaders, 20 test class tippets allow you to land and release more lively, less damaged tarpon.

Flies: Come well equipped with flies that are traditionally used in deep and murky water. Tie a variety of "whistler" patterns in various combinations of colors. You might want to use the largest weighted eyes you can find.

In the River: Try a version of a black and red whistler. Tie a strip of black rabbit fur in place of the black wing feathers. The rabbit fur seems to give the fly a real "lively" look. You may use the traditional black & red whistler. Whistler patterns also work well tied in purple and red patterns. You might try using purple rabbit fur on those.

In the Lagoons and Ocean: In the lagoons try a large (5/0 hooks) deceiver pattern, tied in white and green and white and blue dressed with a little iridescent mylar. In the ocean try a moderate size (6 inches) sailfish fly. Also try a single rather than tandem hook tied with a number of blue and white and red and white patterns..

For more general information and to make reservations call 1 800 243-9777. We're anxious to assist you in a great fishing experience!

Rio Colorado Lodge in Friendly Costa Rica

Archie Field's Rio Colorado Lodge


P.O. Box 5094, 1000 San Jose, Costa Rica
Telephone 011 (506) 2232-4063 or 2232-8610
FAX: 011 (506) 2231-5987
Office in the Lobby of the Hotel Tryp Corobici
For Reservations & Information Call
In the USA or Canada 1-800-243-9777
FAX (813) 909-4467

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